Name Idea for Role PvP

duel of legends/warlords/NUCLEARBOOM

Ability warfare.


Sorry that it’s been a while since I last was here. I feel like the title should somewhat reflect on the part with roles, and not sound like a normal battleground. Nice ideas though.

Role legends arena?..

you might not want to put a GIMKIT map link in your bio, might be reported for thatj

Is there a rule against that? If so, where?

yes, but it might just be for codes.

Team Gimtress 2 : D : D

(Didn’t mean to reply to that post, my bad)

it is okay bro you good

Poll starting now, no more suggestions! Please try to not vote for yourself.

Poll is on a seperate post! Check it out here: Name Idea for Role PvP - Vote

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Try this if you need more role ideas!

Just realized you need a name. Uhh Role PVP? Or you could slap on simulator and make it Role PVP Simulator

Posted that before I made it, I just had to add it.

ok, that is a little much bro gotta say

I just took every one I could find :skull:

hehehehe it is pretty funny, how I have like a TRILLION titiles that people could pick from me

You and @Veelopp suggested so many and aren’t in the lead right now somehow :skull:

I know, I guess me and @Veelopp are pretty good of thinking of things!

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