Name Idea for Role PvP

I’m currently working on a Role PvP game (suggested by @Water ) and need ideas for a good name! Anybody know?


I have one, but you can’t use it because I kinda already made a Kit pvp map and am about to publish it (On alt account) But I Need A Thumbnail, And Level 50 To Publish It.
Name: Gim-Kit Pvp
(You could probably use some keywords like Pvp, Kit, Gimkit, etc.)

what is it about? besides the role PVP part, also you can ping me whenever I’m needed

Gim Warriors

the last gim standing?

Big Gim Legends or the exotic warzone of gimkit

the last of the gimlegends? (combined title)

tournament gimkit or gimkit warlords

The Final Gimkit Arena

forgotten realm of the gimkit warriors

the legend of the lost GIMKIT warlords. it auto all caped

gimkit battlegrounds

warlords might sound better

the legends of gimkit warlords

I have to go for a sec

Duel of suprimacy would sound good

duel of legends/warlords/NUCLEARBOOM

Ability warfare.


Sorry that it’s been a while since I last was here. I feel like the title should somewhat reflect on the part with roles, and not sound like a normal battleground. Nice ideas though.

Role legends arena?..