Name Idea for Role PvP - Vote

Vote for my new map name now! It’s a PvP style map with roles! Poll closes in one day!

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You didn’t have to make a separate topic for it…

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I lost my editing access on the first post, so I did. What’s the problem?

no way gimkit battlegrounds is better than the legends of gimkit warlords

Oh wow a tie is going on lol

If duel of legends wins, just know I might change it to something similar, probably more related to gimkit or the roles.

yippeeeeeeeeeee one of mine winning yay. THOUGH THE ONE I WANT IS NOT,

he kinda stole of mine to use as his but like it works it works also there are sam ereally good names that people arent picking

do it like duel of gimkit warlords so its me and his combined


I need more votes, so I’m putting this at the most recent of help.

Oh, sorry, that’s fine then.

Yay! Raid shadow legends is winning!

Congrats to @SR-71Blackbird for winning the poll! The name may be slightly changed to fit Gimkit or the fact that there are roles, but the name will still reflect on the original!

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yippeeeeee that’s me! is it the one I wanted to win, or the random one I threw out

i used the name legends tho

i made legends and duels he just used mine but okay . _.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 2.49.45 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-17 2.50.02 PM

How does “Roles of Legends” sound? It’s like “Duels of Legends”, but it reflects on the fact that there are roles.

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