Name for my game! (Voting is finished!)

I have a game where one player becomes a boss and the rest are supposed to fight against it. What I need is a name for my game. Here is what I currently have for the thumbnail:


You can infer the theme from that.
The boss’s name is “the amalgamation”.

  • The amalgamation: boss fight - some_kid
  • ultimate boss fight - craftking12
  • Reclamation - Mandalin_Soldier15
  • Conquer all - Mandalin_Soldier15
  • Elimination of the Amalgamation - WolfTechnology
  • Rise of the amalgamation - Mandalin_Soldier15
  • The amalgamation’s emergence / fury / rage / wrath - Mandalin_Soldier15
  • An amalgam of hatred - Coolcaden26

Voting is finished! the winner is “Reclamation” by Mandalin_Soldier15! What would you like to be named in the credits?


How about ultamate boss fight?

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Conquer all?

The Amalgamation’s Emergence: A PvE game

“Elimination of the Amalgamation” sounds good to me.

? you asked for names, what does that mean.

PvE means player versus everyone right?

Player vs Environment is what PvE means

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PvE means player versus environment.

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What about PvA player verses all.

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There you go

But no one knows what that means.

lol true, just was thinking.

The Amalgamation’s Emergence: A some_kid production

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What’s the point of putting my name on it if I’ve never published anything before?

Rise of the Amalgamation

Makes it fancy