Name for my game! (Voting is finished!)

The Amalgamation’s fury (or rage or wrath)

game name:

an amalgam of hatred

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how 'bout:

-Mutant Within Us
-Boss vs. Everyone
-Anarchy: Boss Fight
-That One Mutant
-Different: More Powerful

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that one mutant tho.
I’m starting the poll.

Boss Fighterz

Wait why don’t the poll work
Edit: Alright there we go.

@here Voting has begun!
Since there have been so many great ideas, you can vote for 3 different names! (or one if you really want to be like that.)

you know what I’ll make the poll…
actually no, Wolf tech is TL 3 so he can edit your post i think

I voted my choice. @chrysostom its on the original post the poll is.

wait I don’t see it :frowning: the poll :frowning:

oh… where is that?

up here

got my vote

Fun fact: Regulars can only rename and re-categorize topics. They can’t change the actual contents of the topic.

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yep that is a TL4 feature.

oh… thanks for clarifying

So far, the winning name is The amalgamation: boss fight! Which is actually the first name that I came up with. I’m not closing this just yet, I want a few more voters.
I’m actually quite surprised that on average, people only use 2 votes.

I will close the vote sometime tomorrow.

@here! Since the last vote was a 3-way tie, I have started a new poll with those three as the contenders.

rip an amalgam of hatred :sob: