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So, for my minigames map, the next one I’m gonna make is like a “King of the Hill” or “Keep-away” minigame, where if you hold a flag for long enough, you will win. However, players will be able to tag you and steal the flag from you. But your flag progress will save. The only problem is, I don’t have a name for it. I originally did, but that was before I changed how the gamemode was gonna work. I also have a second question: Is this room in the following picture too small for this, or is it perfectly sized? (My camera zoom is on 0.6 btw)

1: Name Idea:

  • Gim Of The Hill

2: Yes, it seems perfectly sized, not too big, not too small.


Thanks for the idea! I’ll keep this open a little longer to see what other ppl have to say, tho.
(Thank you for answering the other question as well.)

Name ideas

  • Don’t lose the flag (DLF) Yes, that is a don’t look down joke.
  • gimmperor of the hill
  • Don’t gim up the flag
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Good ideas. Thanks for helping!

Here- this guide might help.

Another Game Name Idea:
Echo vs Vortex: Hill Domination!


Hey, thanks for the guide, this should help a bit.
(And the name, didn’t notice till now)

Echo vs. Vortex
The final showdown: Gim of the hill as @Haiasi
Use the name if it has lore ^^^^^^^^
If it dissent have lore use the one beneath
Capture The Hill

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Alr, thanks for the ideas! I think I’ll close this now since there are more important things for people to help with right now.

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Is this a two-team game or a free-for-all?

It’s a free for all.

Hmm, it feels a bit too small for a free-for-all, especially if it was a class game. Maybe a bit of an expansion would help?


Probably, but this is only for 8 people as well, maybe less if I want less players.

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