Name checking system

Yeah, that would make sense.

Ok, so I’ve seen a lot of "this is impossible"s, but I’m not sure that it is. I mean, to an extent, sure. (After a few minutes of testing I was unable to figure it out, and there’s no way to convert text to integers.) However, you can check to see if the player’s name IS “griefer” or “Griefer” or something like that. You can just do "if triggering player’s name = “your text here” then you can softlock them with a permanent respawn device or something.

(and yeah, text editing only works when you have a base of numbers and you convert it to text whenever you display it)

I’m not trying to get off-topic but is this topic off-topic

That’s easy enough, but raeB already has that.

@Shdwy I want my system to check if the player name includes “griefer”

The operation does not have an inverse.

yep sorry can’t read

my bad!

@here would this be possible or not. If so would would it count as being added to the higher difficulty questions?

Gimpossible. We first need a way to be able to convert numbers to text, or this can never work. The only way for this to happen is for the gkc team to make the text in gkc to be considered as a list of characters.

Well, maybe one day.

Here’s an idea: What this will do is send a small notification to the game host for every player that joins. Each notification will have the player’s name on it. So what I did was I added a trigger underneath the spawn pad and when it’s triggered, it adds an activity feed for the Game Host, with something like this:

I have 0 idea if that code will work because I was just playing around, so you may want a block master to help with that.

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@wingwave That’s exactly what I started with! Also yes it works. However like I said before, I would like to be able to check if a name includes a specific word, emoji, or phrase and softlock the player if so.

Wow, I can’t read. Yeah, like what getrithekd said, it’s probably currently impossible.

Would this be clay-institute then?

It’s a help post asking how to do something in gimkit creative, so no.

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This would only trigger when the game starts, not in the pre-game phase, right?

Yeah, but that’s what they need (I think).

No, that’s not what I need. I already did the pregame thing, but that is only to tell me who joined. The thing I am asking about is the in-game trigger which softlocks the player.

You can start the game early before anyone joins and use a lifecycle on player joins late to send an activity feed to the host from a trigger
(idk how to do the name-checking thing, sorry)

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Can’t we use you guys’s text operations to take off the first digit and check if it’s a G or g? Then, if true, we could just check for the rest of the word greifer.