Name checking system

I want to create a name-checking system that bans a player if they have a specific word in their player name. I already have a name-checking trigger system that softlocks a player if their name is “Griefer”. However, if I joined as “the Griefer” I would not be softlocked. I also want the system to check if someone’s name includes the word “griefer” in it and ban the player if that is true. Would this be possible?

That would be very hard. You would need to use this guide.

Ok. Thank you.

Not really…

Those are things that are said to be impossible or bitwise operations levels of hard.

You would have to code in a name blocker in the game itself just like gimkit did

How though? That’s what I would like to know.

So would this be clay-institute then?

Ok thank you. I was wondering since you said it would be impossible.

So maybe you could convert both names to a number and start from there. I’ll think about it.

What does the get-player number mean? Would that help me in this situation? I think that the player number gets randomized based on when someone joins. For example Host “Host” = 1, then a player called “bear” joins. I think that the player, “bear” would be assigned a number of two. Please correct me if I am wrong.

What do you mean get player number? I’m on mobile, so i can’t see it. Can you include a screenshot?

This block

The team number the player is on.

Good. I thought I was an idiot and that player ids would be much more simpler.

Anyways, I’d say that this is gimpossible because there is not way to convert a text thing into numbers, since blocks don’t treat text as lists of characters. Therefore, the text operations guide cannot work with this.

Would player ids work in this situation? I read the guides and I didn’t really understand them.

Do you think it’s gimpossible?

No. They definitely don’t work because they can’t access a player’s name. They’re only useful for telling the computer whose name to get next. Basically, the player ids are like a signpost to the name. The computer gets the name itself.

Yeah. I do. This would be too laggy, and since blocks severely restrict the usage of strings (text), we can’t do this. In python, it would be as easy as this:

if “griefer” in [name]: