My second version of how to make a both-ways laser door:

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@Microwavedwaffles pointed out one zone can be used instead of two.


1x Zone, 1x Laser

  1. Resize the zone to fit the laser, use “Change Size” to fit the zone in the laser.
  2. Set the zone channels to the following:
When player enters zone, transmit on [channel 1]

When player leaves zone, transmit on [channel 2]
  1. Set the laser channels to the following:
Activate on [channel 2]

Deactivate on [channel 1]

Afterwards, you should be done.




Okay, you could post this guide on the original guide, though


It’s simpler and I can’t edit the original guide so I made this guide anyways

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Don’t edit, do this:

(guide here)

(better guide here)

@twofoursixeight what if you make it a bedwars type guide by adding buying capabilities? if you don’t want someone to raid your base, you could buy this and the deactivation of the laser is teamed-scoped. and It deals any amount of damage you want to the opposing side


I suppose it can be applied in that type of application with some types of modifications

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can you give me an explanation on how to make those modifications?