My version of how to make a both-ways laser door:

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Materials: 2x Zone, 1x Laser

  1. Resize the zone to fit the laser, use Change Size to change the size of the laser.
    The icon should be near the laser (you should see a wire)
  2. Create a wire that goes from the zone to the laser beam.
    Then, wire it so when the player enters the zone, the laser deactivates.
  3. Create a second zone, and put it directly over the first zone.
  4. Now wire it so when the player leaves the zone, the laser activates.

This is cool! Good job!

Nice guide, @twofoursixeight!

Cool guide, @twofoursixeight!

Nice guide! For the title, I suggest you make it the:

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you don’t actually need 2 zones you can just use 1 and use 2 channels

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um no offense but why would anyone add a door that would hurt you if it dissapears