My friend needs a game idea

Please help my friend :cry:

Try to make a unique version of already existing modes or make something hectic like a race!


You save my friend…………………

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Let’s create a mini-game challenge called “Random Rumble”. It’s a multi-round mini-game that randomly selects a challenge for each round. Players earn points for performance, and the player with the lowest score is eliminated after each round.

Devices you’ll need:

  • Spawn Pad x 1
  • Zone x multiple (for each mini-game area)
  • Button x multiple (for interactions within mini-games)
  • Counter x 1 (to keep track of player scores)
  • Relay x multiple (to start the next mini-game)
  • Respawn x multiple (for player respawn points in each mini-game)
  • Trigger x multiple (to send messages to the game system)
  • End Game x 1 (to finish the game after the final round)
  • Repeater x 1 (to start the elimination process after each round)
  • Property x multiple (to store data such as scores)
  • Notification x multiple (to communicate with the players)
  • Game Overlay x 1 (to display current game info)
  • Teleporter x multiple (to move players to the new mini-game areas)
  • Movement Meter x multiple (to control player movement within the mini-game areas)
  • Health Granter x 1 (to restore player health after each mini-game if required)
  • Speed Modifier x multiple (to change player speed depending on the mini-game)
  • Starting Inventory x 1 (if items are required in certain mini-games)
  • Inventory Item Manager x multiple (to manage the items given to players in mini-games)

Steps to create the game:

  1. Setting up Spawn Area: Begin by placing a Spawn Pad which sets up the starting area for all players.

  2. Creating Zones: Use the Zone device to create several different mini-game zones. Each Zone will be a unique mini-game.

  3. Setting up Mini-Games: Set up different challenges in each Zone. Use the Button, Movement Meter, Speed Modifier, and Inventory Item Manager devices to create interactions for the mini-games. Each mini-game should have a method for players to earn points.

  4. Tracking Scores: Use the Counter device to keep track of player scores. Wire this to each mini-game so points earned by players in each round will be counted.

  5. Handling Rounds: After each round, the Repeater will trigger an elimination process. The Relay and Trigger devices should be wired to it and used to select the player with the lowest score. This player will then be eliminated using the Respawn device to send them to a separate “out” Zone.

  6. Round Transition: Use the Teleporter device to move remaining players to the next Zone for the next round. You can use the any device with block code to randomly select the next mini-game.

  7. Player Communication: Use the Notification and Game Overlay devices to inform players about the current round, their scores, and the player who got eliminated.

  8. End Game: Finally, wire the last remaining mini-game to the End Game device. This will end the game after the final round, leaving one player as the victor.

  9. Restoring Health: If your mini-games involve health reduction, use the Health Granter wired to the Respawn device to restore player health after each mini-game.

Remember to test the game thoroughly after setup to ensure that everything functions as expected and to make any necessary tweaks. Enjoy your new mini-game challenge!


Either you are a very creative person or the GimLords have made a extremely powerful Gimbot


I actually dont know if they are AI or not
are theu ai @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Most likely


monster bounty hunter: kill every monster to win

title is based off of a roblox game