My creative maps wont load

Whenever I go into gimkit creative to work one something, my maps do not appear, for context this has been happening for 2 days

Wow, there has been so many different bugs these past few days. Refresh and try again maybe.

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if it’s been happening for the past two days, maybe it’s an account or device issue? what device are you using?

That is also happening to me be but exit Gimkit and logout and then try again.

I am using a school chrome book, my home laptop works fine, maybe that is the issue.

i mean i’m literally on my school chromebook right now so try logging out and logging back in

Maybe it’s because Gimkit is being developed; not trying to give spoilers or anything, but I’m guessing it because of this:

It’s from the update a few days ago.


eh, i don’t think that them developing should make the update THIS BUGGY.

lol alright thats probably it, ill try logging out and then back in

nevermind, it just started working again after 20 minutes of waiting eating a egg sandwich

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Just wait about maybe a week, Gimkit has had a lot of bugs and loading issues, even though I came across one I say wait a little longer for the devs to fix those!

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Well, the sentries are entirely messed up just because of adding new skins, so----maybe?
Give it some time and come back. It might take a while.


the sentries suck now, when i get out of the game to edit mode they FIRED at me, so the update is bringing atleast SOME major bugs

yes tooooooooo many bugs

yeah, probably. gkc is gonna be buggy for a bit lol. uneditable sentries, disappearing devices, “floating” wires, it’s a mess



its kinda gotten better, but not really.

it’s all visual glitches, luckily

Yes, unlike an application error (Which I have, but won’t make a topic about it)

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