My code won't work

Please read the title.

Maybe you could have the sentry deactivated until needed?

Also, is there a problem with this code?

Screenshot 2023-08-09 3.40.42 PM

Screenshot 2023-08-09 3.41.03 PM

Wait nvm. I found the problem.

There’s still a problem

what is the problem?

I changed the code pictures, the original problem was that I had variables as channels

Also, I already tried the set property “Number” to value “Number” (the second one is a variable not a property)

And I have all 3 as properties with 2 of them being true/false and “Number” being a number property

What is the blockcode supposed to do?

grant different slingshots on different rarities

with 1 being common and 5 being legendary

@Here_to_help please explain what is happening.
Screenshot 2023-08-09 4.53.21 PM

Sorry for bringing this onto the main forums.
Should I delete?

Oh. Wait, Kyro is myth?

Definitely not me. I would never do that.

Okay. Well, someone was impersonating you on the new forums.

Yikes! Do not want that to happen! Proof:

what proof? i have more uh… images.

Should I pm the mods about this?