My camera is locked on to the person that knocked them out

I was using this guide (🟧) How to make a fully functional Battle Royale game! but then after I deleted the code because it was not working, whenever I knocked my test person out and ended the game it locked on to the person that knocked them out. I managed to fix it by deleting a script were whenever someone died they turned into a spectator using a lifecycle and a team switcher. but I really need it in because it is a core and vital part of my battle royale game. please send help.

That’s a well-known bug. Rejoin.

The bug was fixed in the new update. If you are switched to spectator and you are the only remaining person in the game, it just ends.

I did that multiple times

Oh. And it still didn’t work?

well if you are talking about rejoining on a different tab then yes. but it is a major inconvenience to keep rejoining every single round

you aren’t making much sense. could you reiterate?

You have to be active on that tab when starting the game to not be a spectator, I think.

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