My airdrop isnt showing up

So I made a battle royale map and I have airdrops that were supposed to spawn but when I try to collect them they wont spawn. I followed this guide to make the randomizer

Here is my randomizer block code
I have it wired to a lifecycle so when the game starts it sends a wire pulse to start the randomizer
But the airdrop just wont spawn
The “crate” wires

The string wires
crate destroyed hide string, trigger triggered show prop
The parachute wires
crate destroyed deactivate barrier, trigger triggered activate barrier

i like your channel simplifying lol

can you show me your prop/button channels?

is it like zombs royale?


I haven’t played zombs royale but i can show you the airdrops wires


FYI: you aren’t using 10% of your RNG block code. It stops at 90 instead of 100. Is that intentional?


i meant it to have an easier time getting the slingshot

In that case, you would want to have the possible range bigger instead of smaller. Right now, the slingshot is the rarest weapon you can get.

the slingshot was meant to be the rarest

Well then, your block code looks fine as is.

If its not the block code i think its the trigger

Did you put the channel in the correct slot?

I will show my trigger wires (i have no channels)
Wire repeater wire pulse, activate trigger
trigger triggered, show/activate props/barrier x4 bc 4 airdrops

Which device is the wire pulse coming from?

edited my trigger wires

No, I mean, what is connected to the wire repeater?

In is 4 teleporters all starting a wire pulse and a lifecycle starting a wire pulse. Out is the 4 triggers
(edit : I think the problem is so many wire pulse starts)

Maybe you selected the wrong option? Do you know how to take screenshots?

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no but i can snip an image

Here are the wires
Teleporters are player teleports there run wire pulse X4

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you should specify which timezone

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