How do I make a airdrop in a certain place?

I want to make it so there is 6 or 7 airdrops that occur every 2 minutes that contain every legendary weapon in a random order? All legendary only occur once in a seperate airdrop. The airdrops are a chest the you shoot it to break it.

I can’t give you specifics right now but here’s the general idea.
Get a wire repeater or repeater with a delay of 120 seconds, and make that activate a trigger. Using block in the trigger, make a system like this: Loot Tables! (Fishing System like Fishtopia) | TUTORIAL | Difficulty : 🟧(Old Forum Repost) except it generates a number from 1-7, and broadcast on a unique channel each time. Then, put your airdrops across this map, and make each one of the 7 airdrops activate on one of those 7 chanenels.
Edit: There are a few problems with this, one of which is that there’s a decent chance the system will transmit on a specific channel multiple times

Here’s a way on how to eliminate picking the same one each time. Make a trigger that is activated when it receives on the channel. It should also deactivate the loot crate. The loot crate’s stuff should be delayed by .5s. The trigger should then broadcast on the channel that pickes the loot crate again.

This effectively bounces back the channel transmission if the randomizer picked an already deployed loot crate.


Oh, this would be pretty cool to make. The “drop” part of it would be tough, though.

For the actual drop part you could use a channel so that it puts down props and also a button that says something like “search” that gives you the resources, but has a 5sec count to stop from doing it in combat. You could also you’d this guide to get people out of the way, but instead of a zone move them on the airdrops signal.

can you explain in more detail please? also how do I make the drop in 7 different set locations?

You make 7 airdrop locations, as in physically building and creating the look and drops and set everything to invisible at start of game and make the button unpressable at start of game, and when it does come turn button on and make all terrain visible

Remember to make the button press area small and make the boxes around it have a decent amount of health

How would I incorporate the random order system into this?

Make the airdrop mechanism be triggered by channels like “Airdop 1”, “Airdrop 2”, etc.

I want the crates to each contain a different weapon each time, not each crate has a set weapon every game

You would use a loot table for that.

Here’s a guide for loot tables (for fishing, though):

Basically the same thing.

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Oh yeah, you’re right.

I found a better way. If you make a property for all the weapons, then in a block you can make it detect if the property is false or true and if a random variable is a number.

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