My account is not getting XP

My account is not getting XP :anger:

What game are you playing?


Play Tag: Domination, I always use it and it always works.


if all of your questions are correct then it doesn’t work, I played a just for fun game with my siblings and I found that out.

I think you need to have only one correct answer to get xp

Isn’t there an xp cap of 15000 per week?

If you’ve reached the cap, then that’s why. Otherwise, I got this bug before, it just resolved itself in about a week or so.

This forum is for problems gimkit creative related, not your xp problems.

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To elaborate, spamming the questions will cause the game to stop giving you xp. It could work if you do it slowly, but it’s better to just make an easy question where 1 or 2 answers are correct.

You reached xp limit for the week, i think

what is the cap???its not 23 `cause I have seen someone with a level 300

They’re talking about the xp cap, not the level one.

than what is the xp cap???

tag domintion did not i just tried it abount 1 minite ago

The xp glitch is fixed!

Every week you can only get up to 15000 xp.

The XP Cap (not level one) Is 15000.

yeah, that is right…

xp cap: MAXIMUM XP you can get to or in other words:

15/15 xp earned, you have reached xp cap
(^note this is an example^)

As already mentioned, the XP cap is 15,000 - you can also see how close you are to that limit by navigating to the Cosmetics tab and looking at the bottom of the pop-up that appears.


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