My account is not getting XP

are you trying to earn xp in creative mode? I don’t you can.

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You can earn it from answering questions.

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I have the same situation except I have a max xp of 15,000 and I’m still at 0 xp. Could someone pls help me out?

if you buy the season ticket you can get 20000 exp (2000 gimbux)

What looks different? @SOME_RANDOM_PERSON

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the pic
but that was in jun so

why would you do this

Because the rewards tab used to look different
Back on topic now


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if you’re using a spammer kit to get xp, it knows you’re using a spammer kit.
there’s also the 15k xp limit for every week.
if you’re spamming tag domination or capture the flag, it knows you’re spamming xp.