Music is still playing even though the music volume is 0


I promise you, it’s not the sentry or something else making sounds. It’s the music.



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Try checking if the sound tab is muted thats what I use and since you’re on a chromebook right click the tab and click mute tab option

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Edit: Look at the 2nd tab and you’ll see the sound icon. That appears when there’s sounds or music happening.
how did i post this

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Just mute the tab or try exiting and reloading the tab

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I mean, it doesn’t really work…

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Just plug it into headphones and don’t put on the headphones.

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Well then they can’t hear sound effects

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I think that you can click no music… but I don’t know.

Try making the sound effects 0.

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Wait, You Can’t Share Personal Information By Screenshotting Your Whole Browser.

in-ter-res-ta-ting. very interesting. But probably bug. reload or exit tab, like what Brayden said.

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Don’t worry, my personal stuff was hidden in the screenshot.

did you try loading a new game?

Did I see Duolingo? (SPANISH OR VANISH)

Yes, and it still is doing that bug.

I do german lol

If that doesn’t work, try changing the music to none.

hmmmmm idk then

German or vermin

If that doesn’t work, I’m sorry, I can’t help.

does that happen on any other maps or just the one?

u know how to speak german? nice. im learning german currently.

Does powering offf the computer work?

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