Music is still playing even though the music volume is 0

Maybe Just Restart Your Device

Do you have music playing in another tab?

Try what Caternaught was saying, @FersionSpeedy.

Do you want the music on or off though?

No, it doesn’t work. Restarting the device also doesn’t work.

edit: Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt glaube ich nicht, dass dies ein normales Forumsthema mehr ist.

Stop speaking in another language to post off-topic things. Ik what all of you are saying and Im saying Stop.


if I get flagged can I still become a regular?

Yeah, it’s a very weird bug but hopefully one of the mods will see it

Yeah. Flags doesn’t actually affect your trust level.

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Uhh… Didn’t see that “offensive post” you sent… Nevermind about this.

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and also we need to get back on-topic or this is going to turn into a chat

Try reloading the tab. Talk to the mods if it still doesn’t work, pretty sure they’ll be happy to help.

Dunno what “offensive thing” y’all were talking about, but it doesn’t matter. Stop.

they already ended the topic and deleted their posts, please focus on the actual topic.

Anyhow, @FersionSpeedy , have you solved the problem?

I have a feeling you’ve seen this. If so, and if something worked, mark a solution please.