Murder Mystery Help 3

how do I make it so the game ends once all the players on team 1, the innocents, and team 3, the sheriff are dead? I already have it end when the murderer gets killed

both teams everyone has to be dead? or just one team?

all dead on both teams 1 and 3, which are the innocents(team 1) and the sheriff (team 3)

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you’d have to count how many people are on each team, put that into a property, then make a property of how many people have died on each team, and have a trigger constantly checking if innocent amount of people + sherrif amount of people = dead innocent amount of people + dead sherrif amount of people, then broadcast on endgame

I don’t know how to track a single team though, let me think for a sec…

it would just be a player counter with the settings set to specific team instead of everyone

Well i guess just make a player counter but in for relay make it specific team?

what I am trying to do, is make a player counter for each team, team 1 and team 3, and a trigger that is triggering every second, if playercounterteam1 + playercounterteam3 < or equal to 0, broadcast message on end game