Multiple Timed Lasers

So, is there a way to time multiple lasers instead of just one laser?

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Yes! I have a setup and can take pictures, but I’ll have to get those later.

So, first you need a timer that updates a property. Have a trigger on every tick broadcast on channel the mod of the property number. Then have lasers activate on channel n, and deactivate on channel n+1, except for the last laser in the series, which should deactivate on n.

Yes. You can replace the laser that the wires are connected to with a laser manager. I assume you know how to use one,but there should be a guide if you don’t. Make that laser manager trigger a laser then copy and paste that laser and you’re good to go.


what do you mean by “timer?”

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Set the counter to track a property, then place a property device set to that property and set property type to number.

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Or you could use a counter that resets on the target. Use a channel to turn the lasers on. Next on that same channel, increment the counter. If the counter reaches the target, it should reset itself and turn the lasers off.

The counter is a makeshift mod 2 function. It’s way worse than blocks, but it doesn’t usually need to be as good as blocks.

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