Multiple Mini guides!🤏 (Curated By Me)

So! Before we start, I wanna say that this guide is composed of Many small guides to potentially help you with your games! The first few are basic, but I will gradually get harder and harder.


When I have a “Thinking!” at the end, means I’m coming up with possibly, a useful idea


Warning :warning: :triangular_flag_on_post::
Each guide is short and brief!

Lets Begin!

How to make a teleporter teleport when a button is clicked.
  1. Place a button and teleporter
  2. Wire the button to the teleporter = (Button pressed → Teleport player here)

It should now look like this:
Screenshot 2023-10-12 14.57.41

How to make an automated timer!
  1. Place a button, a repeater, and a counter.
  2. Change the repeaters “Task Interval” to 1.0 (One Second), and the “Time To Run” to whatever you want (Numbers).
  3. Go to the counter’s settings, and go to the “Target” tab, change the “Use Target Value” to “Yes”, change the “Target Value” to the same thing you used for the “Time To Run” on the counter.
  4. Wire the button to the repeater (Button Pressed → Start Repeater), then wire the Repeater to the Counter (Repeater Runs Task → Increment Counter)
    It should look like this now:
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 15.22.13
How to make a one way door

1.Place 2 triggers, side by side. And a barrier in front of it. Then 2 more triggers in front of the barrier.
2. Wire the first two triggers to the barrier. (Triggered → Hide prop)
3. Wire the front two triggers to the barrier. (Triggered → Show Prop)
It should now look like this:
Screenshot 2023-10-12 16.57.01

How to make a flag be captured 🏳
  1. Place a Flag, and a Flag Capture Zone. Change the color of the flag to whatever! Change the Flag zone to the same color of the flag.

Bonus! Wire a flag capture zone to a counter (Flag Captured ⇝ Increment Counter)
this was smaller, so no pictures for this one :disappointed_relieved:


How to make a person teleport only if they have the required items
  1. Place a button, checker, and a teleporter
  2. Wire the button to the teleporter, (Button pressed > Run Check)
  3. Change the checkers “Check #1”, to whatever item they need to have in order to teleport.
  4. Wire the Checker to the Teleporter (Check Passes > teleport Player Here)
    It Should look like this:
    Screenshot 2023-10-13 09.49.42
How to make a questioner grant energy!
  1. Place a Questioner and an item granter
  2. Change the item that the Item granter will grant to “Energy”!
  3. Change the “Amount To Grant”, to whatever your heart desires!
    4…Wire the Questioner to the Item Granter (Question correct > Grant Item)
    It Should look like this now:
    Screenshot 2023-10-13 09.54.14

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BRB! Thinking!


If you are trying to make the line, use dashes

Maybe a knockout sentry mechanism?

Good so far! Suggestion:
On the timer, why don’t you use wire repeaters with a 1 second delay? Have two of them, make them trigger the counter as well as the other one, and voila! Just because of the 10 repeater limit.


And, for your warning emoji that isn’t working, add a space between the word and the emoji

You can set it to deactivate on channel and if you don’t put a channel it won’t deactivate

That had nothing to do with my reply. I know that, I was just suggesting that for if repeaters are needed elsewhere in the game.

Oh. I didn’t know what you meant

Nice job!

Maybe instead of using = so much, spam __ so you get something like the thing below.

I’m Still thinking of ideas, i should be back in 2 hours or so…

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