Moving item? (Idea)

I was looking at this guide:
How to Create a Mannable(Controllable) Turret! [Difficulty: 2/10] and I thought “what if you could make a drivible vehicle with this?” There could be the buttons to rotate it and then you could move forward. It would take a lot of memory as you would need a lot of duplicates of this to make it work more than once, but if you made it in a small area, it could work.

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it could
you would have to remake that with art that doesn’t use terrain though

I thought you could use a boat, as that is only one prop.

yeah then you will need to make sure you can’t just walk out into the water

Barriers that activate on the right channel.

this would make an interesting guide though
working vehicles

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I know how to do it, just, there is often an easier way, using concatenation, so you only need a couple of block code.

A guide on vehicle art and coding would be great
it would be nice for maps

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ANIMATION!!! (ft. wiring a teleporter to a wire repeater over and over again!!!)

But then it won’t be controlable

make the delay long then ig

You could also use this for an elevator with multiple floors.

Probably, but you’d have to use less lasers. (Guide creator here btw)

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you can make something like that if you have like a million props and then a repeater and teleporters and connect it to channels but that is really hard. and it takes a lot of time

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