Movement system

how do i add a questions bar in the bottom left corner to give energy after questions, and make it use your own kit, and make the energy show up in the top right corner?
(sorry if this is a lot in one topic)

This guide should help this:

Nah I’ve seen way more on a topic
guide that might help:

do you have to be touching the questioner to get energy?

No, it will show up as a button. Game Overlays can be buttons on a player’s screen. That’s one of their uses!

one more thing: is it use your own kit?

Yes you can if you put in your own kit.

In a Questioner Device, there is a place to insert your own kit! All you have to do is have a link to your kit and paste it into the setting.

no i mean for the people playing, can they use their own kit?

Like on Discovery Games?

If so, I have no idea how that works : P

yea thats what i mean sry if i wasnt clear

does anybody know how to do this?
also if i dont put my own kit in the questioner device, will that work?

does anybody know about this?

Yes, it works.

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