MOVEMENT mechanics you can implement to your platformer!

With the addition of platforming in GIMKIT creative it allows for many different ways for you to enhance your players movement options in a variety if ways. In this post I’m want to show you guys all the ways I have you can manipulate your players movement to further enhance your players experience.


Although changing you players speed has always been a thing in GIMKIT creative, it has never been this impactful before the addition of platforming. This is because with platforming, you being able to manipulate your players speed not only effects your walking speed, but also your jump distance. This allows for players to jump over larger gaps. However, this will means that you need to make your platforms larger in order to accommodate for your players enhanced speed, so that your players don’t get frustrated when trying to get a running start before making a jump.

Ways you could make your speed enhancement more interactable is to make it so that your players need to get an upgrade via a puzzle or purchase. You could also make your players find a secret in order to activate a boost pad:

Boost pad example

The cyan barrier is suppose to indicate to the player that the barrier is where the speed boost will be activated, and that once you step onto the barrier they will have enhanced speed. To do this, all you need is a:

  • zone that is connected to activates a speed modifier when stepped on [set to whatever speed you want]
  • and that same zone being connected to a different speed modifier [set to speed: 1.0]

This makes it so the speed boost is only active if the player is standing on the barrier.

Wall jump:

Something I have noticed when creating my map is that you cannot go through one block gaps. However you can still stand in between them as shown below:
This means that by having multiple of these nooks, you can effectively give your players a wall jumping mechanic. Just make sure you tell your players within your map how to do this.

Speed/Slope Boosting (SB)

SBs are a glitch in gimkit platforming where you jump on a slope juuust right, so that it propels you forward at extreme speeds. The glitch is easiest when done on a sloped surface however it can be done with an edged one.

This glitch can be used for secrets and maybe even some intentional boundary breaks. However this should NOT be a main mechanic of your game since this glitch is extremely hard to master.

If you guys have any ideas I should add please let me know



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My bad @Cellofive , forgot.

well made!!

i like the wall juming mechanic idea, could be great for some boss fights or a situation where some kinda lava is rising.

i can tell this is going to be an amazing guide, keep it up!! : D


Thanks, let me know if you have any ideas :smiley:

Love the ideas! Speed Pads will definitely be useful in one of my maps. Creative, I like it.

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Thank you, I was going to make it on my map, but I got rid of most of the map in favor of the secret hard area.

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What about some advanced techniques like speed boosting or SJR?

I was thinking of doing that. . . but then I started thinking if they patched it or not but I was to lazy to find out or go back to DLD speedrunning.

Then I realized, no 10 year old is going to want to do SJRs ;-;

(the main decision decider for me was thinking it was patched, so if you could let me know if it was patched or not that would be great)


Apparently, it’s either a good bug or a feature. Josh had seen it before but didn’t fix it.


Ooh, this seems like a good opportunity for…
more ideas!
image = Healing Pad
image = Damage Boost
image = Mystery Box
image = In-Game Currency


Ooooh, although this isn’t movement related I really like this concept!

Maybe you should create a guide on it. (Or I can if you want)

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I added SJRs!

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Uh… The technique you added is actually called speed boosting. SJR stands for Slope Jump Resetting, and basically allows you to climb infinitely high if done right. Next time I discover something about the game,[1] I’ll make sure to name it less confusingly.

  1. Yes, I DID discover SJR. ↩︎


I knowits not good to be grammar police, but I just want to point out that the “and” should be an “an” it confused me at first.

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Speedboost/superjump/momentumboost- and on and on. There’s so many names lol


LOL, I call them slope jump running by complete coincidence! :rofl:


Could you tell me how someone is to do this, how it may be helpful, and maybe even how you discovered it?

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Ok. You basically find a slope that isn’t too steep and input these movements like so: <^>(hold)<^>(hold)… for a slope facing right. As stated, it resets your jump AND double jump when done properly, allowing you to climb infinitely high. I just discovered it by messing around in Summit 5 of DLD (The section with the super long slope). I didn’t want to walk back up, so I discovered SJR to not have to walk back the normal way.


Could you be more specific with the inputs and the range for how the stop can be?

Also, I assume that if you are no longer on the slope, you can no longer do an SJR? correct?