Movement detection

so in my arcade map I’m making, there will be a dance dance revolution machine, and idk how to make it so that when you move the right way multiple times, it will give tickets/cash. pictures will be helpful but I can understand just text

hmm. I know you can detect player movement with coordinates device . . .

you can? I was thinking something like triggers with block code

there is something called the movement meter… and you can use that to take away an item ever second, half second, or quarter second. YOU can then use checkers to check if the player’s item amount was the same or not… creating a movement checker.

If you are interested in this idea… reply to me explaining exactly what you need the system to do, and I will explain how to make it.

I think they mean this: Dance Dance Revolution Regular Dance Pad for ...


im not sure how that would work because if its removing items from the player, and then checking if the item amount is the same, it would never be the same unless the player gains a certain amount of items to reach the original amount. also would they run out of items after a while? here you go anyway:

easy fix mark solution

oh! if there is a certain ways to move then you will need block code and a property determining what is the “right” way.

this fixes half of the issue. I still don’t know how to get a channel/wire signal when the right move is triggered multiple times

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make it increment a counter… with a target value


have a property, “direction”.

in each of the triggers, have an if block that is

if (get property: “direction”) = the direction of the trigger
do: send on channel “give money”

have a item granter grant stuff when receiving on “give money”.

you can change the value of “direction” whenever you want a direction to be the right one

change “direction” to something random when you don’t want any move to be correct

mark solution


i mean… he can just use zones or triggers.

(I went to find what dance revolution was lol)

have the correct ones be activated, and they increment a counter…
the counter has a target value and resets after they get it wrong.


im dumb

ok then

that can be solution

however it does seem more complex with the activate/deactivate stuff…
but my way is also complex…

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bro i just made this entire thing I ain’t doing it again :sob: :sob: :skull:

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