More higher terrain limit

Im making a big map and already its at the max terrain limit. Anyway to get pass this?

A platformer, or a top-down map? If it’s a top-down map, use barriers instead of walls - It really helps.

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There isn’t a way to bypass the terrain limit. Have you considered replacing some of your terrain with props or barriers?


check if you added any extra terrain anywhere that you can erase

How to bypass the wall limit :blue_square:
This could help with walls.

top down: use barriers. even josh said that.
platformer: sorry, but you’re just gonna have to use props

why can you not use barriers in platformer?

you can only use walls

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Barriers could also be used as platforms in platformer mode. Josh even showcased that when he was showcasing the platformer mode in GKC.
Barriers could also be used for walls in platformer mode for areas the player shouldn’t be in.


check if there's any terrain that you can't see below a higher layer!

If you’re walling off large areas, use a combination of invis barriers and props. Don’t use terrain.
If you’re making long and straight walls, use floors and invis barriers.
If you’re covering terrain with more stuff on a higher layer, delete the terrain that isn’t visible.

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