Mobile compatibility

When I was gimkit creativing on mobile, I happened to notice that it says “Click” to select (which still works on mobile) “C” to copy and “M” to move. Keyboards do NOT exist on tablets or phones, so you cant do anything that requires keyboard. Any way to fix?

Not really - Gimkit Creative isn’t designed to work primarily on mobile devices, so while some things do still work as they should, there are plenty of interface options/mechanisms that haven’t been changed to support mobile controls.

Hey, @AFKman! It’s great that you tried using Gimkit Creative on mobile. However, it’s important to note that Gimkit Creative is primarily designed for desktop or laptop usage. While some actions like “Click” to select still work on mobile devices, functions that require keyboard input, such as “C” to copy and “M” to move, can be challenging due to the absence of physical keyboards on tablets or phones.

Gimkit acknowledges this limitation and provides a warning that Gimkit Creative is not specifically optimized for mobile devices. Unfortunately, there is currently no direct fix to enable keyboard functionality on mobile devices within Gimkit Creative.

To fully leverage the features and capabilities of Gimkit Creative, it is recommended to use a device with a physical keyboard, such as a desktop or laptop computer. This will ensure an optimal and seamless experience without encountering the limitations posed by mobile platforms.

Thank you for bringing up this issue, and we appreciate your understanding of the intended usage of Gimkit Creative and its compatibility with different devices.

I know that, yes, but like… I dont know…

Just clarifying: I use computer now, I just want some sort of fix to this
Also I probably should’ve put this on help

@AFKman, thank you for bringing up this issue. It’s important to note that Gimkit Creative should not be accessible on mobile devices at all without workarounds. There is a warning indicating that Gimkit Creative is not specifically designed for mobile usage. While “Click” to select does work on mobile, actions like “C” to copy and “M” to move rely on keyboard input, which is not readily available on tablets or phones.

Unfortunately, there is no direct solution for this limitation. The current design assumes the presence of a physical keyboard, making certain actions inaccessible on mobile platforms. There’s no “fix” to this as it isn’t a problem, and is clearly addressed by the developers. To fully utilize Gimkit Creative, it is recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer with a physical keyboard.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.