Minigame ideas(single player)

im upgrading my tag map, and there is a space with 6 arcade machines, i already have 3 minigames and need 3 more, but dont have any ideas. i have a moving maze, a mine-maze dont-get-shot kida thing, and a fruit based minigame. 3 more needed

really? no responses???!!!

A laser maze could be good.

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thank you.
so much.
i will have to make it relitively easy though…

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How about a School Simulator?


You can have another on like a carnival hit the target. You could have it like it move. Heres a looping guide:

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I think they want mini games :sweat_smile:

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School Simulator
Pac Man
Donkey Kong

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no. a small game

Oh, ok. Sorry.

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pac man. ooh. if senteries could move yes. i know exactly how i would make it but no. good idea, but sentries dont move, if they did i would make it.
its top down so not donke kong

Oof, ok! :smiley:

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the laser maze just needs walls and lasers. wanna do a collab?
definately not a code, there was never a code here.

No codes are allowed. Delete it so u don’t get banned

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all i have is the laser maze, more ideas needed.

Did you see my idea with the carnaval game?

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i did not but good idea

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this is on-topic
is there a way i can make it wait a second after
whatever triggered the device

nvm i found it.
a repeater

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