[ 🤏 Mini-Guide] How to make a sheriff system [Difficulty 2/10]

Hey there! Are you making a Murder Mystery game and want one of the most important mechanics but don’t know how? It’s alright! Tutor Illumerix here to tell you.

What you need:
Knockout Manager x1
Team Switcher Device x1

First, Create a new block “On Knockout”
Layout “if and do” blocks depending on how many teams you have. I have six so I will use six of them

Do not mind the last two blocks those are used for another guide to come. For me, Team 6 is the imposter/murderer and anyone from teams 1-5 can be the sheriff, what we are doing here is that if teams 1-5 shoot someone they either way will die but not in the sense they lost. To put it short, either way you will die because if you shoot the wrong person you will need to spectate as you failed to carry out the task, and when you shoot team 6 the game ends anyway so it doesn’t matter if you spectate or not.
Now, in your Team Switcher. Configure it to be this

because in the knockout manager if you knockout the wrong person you trigger the spectate channel. In the end making if you shoot the wrong person you will spectate. Have a great day everyone and I will see you in the next guide


might want to change ‘pinching_hand’ to the real thing!

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FYI: it says pinching hand and we don;t see the emoji because you need a space in between [ and :


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Make sure there is a : at the beginning and end of pinching hand.

Nice Guide!
It’s always nice to see when new users post guides with blockcode.
I’ll be sure to link this and your other guide in my among us TUG!


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Thank you! It’s an honor to be somewhere in one of the most famous guides

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Yes, haha…
Lots of people contributed to make it.


in my oppinion there is need

no for the in-game chat guides.

But there’s only like 2 or 3 guides on in game chat

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and none are simlified

Well, they’re about as simple as you can easily get them

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but i am trying to create the ultimate guide.

just use tug

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