{MINI GUIDE} How to make a holo-gram! [⬜️] (or 0/10)

This is a super simple guide on how to make holo-grams, you will only require a few things:

  • 1 spawn pad

  • 1 text device

  • 1 comand table

The spawn pad
  1. Turn “VISIBLE IN GAME” to “YES”
  2. Turn the team to team 60 (so no one can spawn at the pad)
The text
  1. Put whatever emoji you want into the text
  2. Put the texts visiblity to 0.60 (or what ever you want)
  3. Move the text above the spawn pad
The comand table
  1. Put the comand table below the spawn pad
  2. You can tint the comand table however you want!

If you did all the steps corectly, then your holo-gram sould look like this:

For the people that are starting to hate the G.K.C.F

Remember everything is going to be alright, you’re not alone :blush:


Nice guide! although I recommend adding images to present what it will look like!

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Pretty cool, but like @Kat_aronii Suggested I’d add pictures. I could see this being used in space maps in the future.

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Nice guide! @BobTheGOD

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Nice guide! I love how you implemented the spawn pad!


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@BobTheGOD remember to remove the ideas tag as it is only used when you need ideas. Anyways, nice guide!

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Nice guide!

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Ok, i will do that asap

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It is spelled, holo-gram. Sorry, you said it wrong.

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Cool, thanks for telling me that!

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I just bumped into a hologram. How did I manage that?!


honestly I may use this in my next game