[🤏 Mini-Guide] Codes (continuation) Must read this! [DON'T REPLY!]

Hey guys! This is a continuation of the guides:
Please stop posting codes, whether you are doing it on accident in a photo, or doing it and deleting it, I even was doing it until I realized why there is the Code Of Conduct. I see people doing it and stopping it everyday. There of course will always be the Wix,
And for those who have the Wix blocked, Me and @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns created this chat, which anybody can use, if google sites is unblocked for your school.
Basically, there is an embed function in google sites, click that, click on the Embed Code Tab. Then put this code in:

<iframe src="https://deadsimplechat.com/A_j8MZRNw" width="100%" height="600px"></iframe>

It will work. Enter the chat and I can privately chat with you and give an account for you.
Password: “Gimkitisthebest”
Hope to see some changes soon!
Over and out! (Is that a good saying? Tell me in the comments.)


I don’t think this is allowed.


What, the guide? It should be.

I thought there was already a guide on this.

so jeffo said psas and stuff like this were cluttering up the forum, so we have to try to fight the urge to make one


this is a continuation?! And it has more stuff + people don’t listen?

Making guides won’t change the fact if people won’t listen.
The community decides if this forum thrives or dies, same with people following the rules.
If they won’t listen, making a million guides on that rule won’t change anything.


True dat. But it’s true that new users post codes like crazy.


but, it will give a very strict, but last reminder. When people post on the forums for the first time, post all 3 guides, and they will have a warning

tbh most new users come, post in the help section, and leave

they never make it to member (some do, but most of them quit after that)

most people won’t see it (>216, according to gimsolver)


true to that, but I am saying something different.

@ABCD jeffo himself said he didn’t like these types, please stop and mark a solution to close this post.

What got flagged?

It’s actually 216 out of 2610.

@GimSolver @Haiasi @eiqcrmeliutgwhc stop posting off topic, this is already off topic, wait for @ABCD to close it or for it to get flagged.

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why would anyone flag it if the other ones are not?

Stop talking now. Closing topic.

See, you didn’t even get to see the best no-codes guide: mine! I still have screenshots from it somewhere, but I flagged my alt and it was fun!

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uh what no we’re not mods. if you want suspension, message them, and they will. [but why you want that I don’t know]

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It would be fun. :rofl: + I wanted to see what happened.