Minecraft Dream smp members Art Guide 0/10 or ⬜️

First, make a turquoise barrier as a square

Then, add the highlights

Then add Skeppy’s mouth

Add another highlight and the eyes, and you’ve got Skeppy!

First, to make Badboyhalo, make a black square barrier, and add half of the hood

Add the eye

Add the top, and copy the steps before on the other side, and you have Badboyhalo!

Fist, make the mask

Then, add the eyes

Add the smile, and you have Dream!

Fist, make the head

Then, make the body

Add the legs

Then the eyes

Add the crown

And add some detail, and you have me! (Technoblade)

From your good friend,


Nice art!


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Btw, the moderator said art guides can be flagged now as they are now considered off topic. Saying this so you know.

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Technoblade never dies


well thats just bull doody

They did this to clear up the forum since there are 70% of art guides that are pretty useless according to mysz.


Yeah, Lxmas has a point. This is not directly confirmed but I’m assuming there are exceptions for things that are highly requested. So a fishtopia boat may be allowed but a robot from an obscure game may not be.

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Hypothetically, if we reduce clutter then can we keep art guides? Like make a group of hem and delete the rest.

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So do what Wingwave and Here to Help did where they made a post where they will put all their art?

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Exactly! I feel like that could be allowed. Let me check…

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So any art guide can be flagged now?

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Gotta say, these fan art guides are not bad, but I can agree it sorta “clogs” up the forum. I think art guides for general things such as making a tent or a spaceship should be OK, but guides for specific & popular stuff like the YouTube logo or a TL3’s pfp shouldn’t really be on here.

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This isn’t an off-topic guide since it’s in Gimkit Creative so could you actually remove it?
Also Bump


I took the tag off @Argo77

so you just use barriers to make blocky shapes… nice!

Bumping this in memory of @Technoblade and the real technoblade…
Technoblade never dies