I am here requesting a guide

May i please have like someone tell me what is and isnt consider off topic (I am asking this because i am about to make an art series but it maybe considered off topic.)

Depends on what your art is about. If it’s somewhat random, please compile all of your creations into one guide.

The art has to be something that you think a lot of people will use and is highly requested, or as Apoll02 said compile them into one guide.

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Art guides are allowed, but if the reference is too obscure, or most people wouldn’t ever use it in their maps, there is a high chance it will get flagged. I know art is easier to make than device systems, but this is a device system oriented forum.

Yes i am am going to be making all the big people custom gims ( first the pi dude, then the dragon person, then that space guy, then the clackity click bluebird guy, the chess dude, the high tech wolf, the helping robin, and the leaf bird.) (theres alot of birds and dragons here)

I don’t think a lot of people will use that tbh, lol. Who would want me in their game?

That should definitely be compiled into one guide if you make it.

Maybe as an Easter egg in a sky themed map.

Antarctic Phoenix.

I would :grin:

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Im going to put you in my among us map somewhere :]

You’re in my racing map as an Easter egg AND as part of the main game! €:

Here’s an example of what counts as an off-topic art guide or not.

This guide is not off-topic.
Why? Because this would help a lot of people and it can be useful for people making beaches/island survival maps and would like putting decorations like palm trees.

This guide is off-topic. (no offense to the person who made this)
Why? The art is pretty cool though, But not much people are making Minecraft Dream smp members into their map, and it wouldn’t really work that much as easter eggs unless you’re making a sort of Minecraft game into Gimkit Creative


Guys, you’re being off-topic right now. There is no need to reply on an already-resolved guide.


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