Memory problems

So right now, I’m making a pretty decently sized Fortnite map, (6 seconds to run side to side, and up and down 7 seconds, 3x speed too.) and I added water, but it felt off, so I added a small slowdown to 0.6, but I’ve realized, “I only have battle bus, and zones, yet I’m already at 11% memory.”

I quit my last map because my memory was just too little, and I realized I won’t be able to finish it, so I quit. I really don’t want this to happen, as I feel really passionate to complete this project, so any tips to help reduce the amount of memory usage I’m using? Thanks! [1] :confused:

  1. Wow! Your actually reading it, or did you just see this and clicked on it… ↩︎

These guides might help.

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Never Use Repeaters

Alright, I’ll use those in the future, already did the memory on terrain walls, used camera view for that, and the Ultimate guide for saving memory, I’ll do it too, probably will use wire repeaters more often now cause of their low memory rate. For concatenation, sounds good. And norm repeaters, don’t plan on using any time soon, a wire repeater will do, or even a trigger loop. (don’t really know how to do it so i’ll search one up.)


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Also, I feel like trigger looping doesn’t work for me, maybe I did it wrong, but there’s no way I fail a easy loop, lol. But I’ll try that later, just wanted to prepare.

Once again, thank you TheHacker120 and Cellofive for the advice!

Np happy to help

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It should work for everyone lol
Do you want help debugging it, or will you just stick with the wire repeaters?


Nah, I’m ok. I think I’m better learning on my own.

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