Mechanics Triggering with Different Ways That Connect

So, I made a system to detect system order by wires ( Yes I Now It Has Been Done Before)
But I came across a idea if it was possible to use channels to activate a wire loop that would set off a chain reaction making the loop happening over and over without actually having to keep on receiving on a channel while keeping track of how many times a loop worked by calculating it to a property.

Then I came across a problem where I need to make a endless loop that somehow doesn’t actually repeat with the wires, but transmit on a channel that continues the loop. I’m saying to find out if wires could be activated by a channel.

This is probably not clay-institute, but I don’t really know…

The tag clay-institute means that if this is figured out that it could change the way we use gimkit.

Yeah, probably not a clay-institute.

I’m pretty sure Shdwy already did something like this. Take 2 triggers, one triggering the other and the other way around with channels. The problem is that you won’t have an endless loop due to recursion, which leads it to loop 300 times (I think). Maybe having a counter detect the 300th trigger triggers a new loop, starting over again. Then again, recursion would arise.

Maybe try reading the guide below:

Well, this is pretty cool, but doesn’t really have a use.

Although, it could help for shrinking memory usage!

clay-institute is probably not a good tag.

This is called recursion. It’s a quantum mechanic. I suggest reading my post on quantum mechanics if you’re interested.

just look it up lol @ruroreggie


^ link it please lol @Shdwy

I literally cannot find it LOL
idk if I’m stupid… or if It ain’t there

Here you go: