Maybe New Discovery

So I had an idea: What if we use multiple properties with the same name? I’m on a school computer lab computer, so can someone please experiment with this for me? I’ve already tried, but I don’t know whether I’m doing something wrong. Can someone help me? @mysz @ClicClac @Blackhole927.

idk… that would be cool tho

So like three properties named “a”?

@Blackhole927 … YEP!

So like property 1- Billy, property 2- Billy, property 3- Billy. Like that

This would probably behave as just one property, but if the property type was different things could get interesting.


For text properties and three devices it sets the text to the most recent property. New AUO discovered!

For different types it appears to do the same thing


Ok, so you could overload on properties, and make it be any data type!

What do you mean by that?

Hmmmmm… so you have three properties with different values, you set the text to that tri-property, and it gets set to whichever value is most recent?

Like make one true/false, one integer, and one string. Now, we have all property types covered.

I tried with all text, and with one of each


I don’t know what you mean, can you send a screenshot of your setup?

Update! It’s not most recently placed. It’s most recently modified.

That just means that we set it to something. Can you try with multiple property types?

Edit: I thought that you meant that it was modified ingame, not during editing.

Property 1:


Property 2:


Property 3:




Text code:

(It looks weird because I had to load up a fast alt without permissions)

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There you go, I accidentally put property two and three as the same picture, but it should be fixed now.