Max speed modifiers

Is there a maximum amount of speed modifiers?

Do you mean the max amount of speed you can set in the speed modifiers?

Probably when your memory fills up. I have got to speed 6x before, it crashed my game and deleted my world for some reason.


What do you mean by speed times 6?

But the max speed is only 4.00x…

No, I mean the max amount of speed modifiers you can place.

Not if you relay it and add it to different teams. It was a while ago so I am not sure if the 4.00x is a newer speed cap.

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And I don’t think there is a limit to how many speed modifiers you can put, if there was it would’ve shown when you placed it just like the tag zone

When did you test it?

I mean, no one thought there was a limit on properties, but you can only have 128.


yes there is a limit, i think its around 30
edit: its 32 @ClicClac

That is… unfortunate. Can I see a picture?

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Mario Kart is going to be jank

How much memory does that take up?

uhm idk lemme see

0 @Here_to_help

Seriously? For all of those? Well, so be it.

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10x32=320 =320 memory

Yeah I know, I did that math in my head. That means that if that doesn’t even take up a percent, then does a block only take up 1%?