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How do I make a waypoint on a group of players that show up after 1 minute, and then go away after 15 seconds?

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use triggers or wire repeaters for the delays

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How to put a waypoint on every player in the game!

Do this then hide all the waypoints after a delay.


I don’t know how to do that.

once you put them on people, use a trigger set to a 15 second delay to send another message to hide them

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I’m going to scrap this for now until I can get something to work since it isn’t.

He just told you how.

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It doesn’t work

me and Cassius have given you an answer already

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I do have to mention my map is pretty buggy I tried doing it and it didn’t work.

Use a:

  • Wire Repeater (x3)
  • Relay (x2)
  • Your Waypoint

Loop two of the repeaters. Add a delay to one of the repeaters for 60 seconds. Connect that repeater to another repeater with the former as the input. The new repeater should have a delay of 15 seconds.

When the 60 second repeater is activated, it should activate a relay that shows the waypoint. When the 15 second repeater is activated, it should activate a relay that hides the waypoint.

To start the system, activate the repeater without any delay.

If you want something else, Cassius’s guide plus this triggering system should work.

Edit: You actually don’t need 3 repeaters, just 2. Start it by triggering the repeater with a 60 second delay and loop the two repeaters (60 second and 15 second).

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Then double check the scope and other requirements are correct.

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