Mapbuilding Tips (The Annoying Cursor Ripoff's Edition)

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[Warning: LONG]
I’m kind of dying to get started, so here are my 6 cents on mapbuilding:


Tips on terrain:

  • If you want your map to be interesting, then use a variety of different floors and walls. Otherwise, what are you playing? Unfortunately, it’s too late for my spaceship-themed map that just has lots and lots of blue lab floor.

  • Before you start thinking you can’t change the floor of your map, you can! Just go to map options, choose “Features,” and the first section is “Background Terrain” where you can change it!

  • The terrain should fit the theme of the map. For example, if you were making a spaceship-themed map like me, your flooring should be spaceship interior or a lab floor. Keep this bullet in mind.

  • If you’re making a multi-stage map like One Way Out, then you should use different terrain for each stage to distinguish from the different stages.

  • According to a post in the “Help” section, there is no limit to flooring, but I know from personal experience (the hard way) the wall limit, which is 2,500.

  • Remember the bullet from 2 bullets ago? If you do, then good for you! If you don’t, then go back, read it, and come back here. You’re back? Okay. If you want a good map, then the terrain should fit the theme of the map, as stated before. However, if you want to make a sequel (like the theorized One Way Out 2) by combining 2 themes together, then it’s fine as long as the players/audience know it (like using case logs).


This is going to be a short section.

  • First of all, you should use props because if you don’t, then consider how boring your map will be. The more props the better. Just keep in mind the prop limit is 5,000 according to this thread.

  • Interactive props make your map fun and entertaining. Have you played One Way Out before? If you have, then you probably know what I’m aiming at now. If you haven’t, then please play it. Back so soon? Yeah, it’s hard and long even in beginner mode. Anyways, you might’ve seen the ship logs, journals, etc. That makes it even better. For example, if you want to 3D print using a 3D printer, then check out my [insert future guide link here]. If you want to make those logs like One Way Out, then place a button near it and wire it to a popup.

  • For some rooms (if applicable), you could visit other guides (such as my kitchen collection guide), or be original and make one yourself. Don’t worry, I’m going to release more collections and I’m sure other Gims are going to make guides too.


Warning: Devices can get complicated. Please visit The Ultimate Guide To Every Device/TUGTED (here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3), and not sponsored by the way, if you want to know how the devices work. Most of them are pretty straightforward though.

  • If you want a cheap laugh, you could use the notification to make a joke “Achievement Unlocked” in the top-right corner.

  • You can make an internal monologue like the one in One Way Out (in the library halfway through Stage 3). I might make a guide on that later in case if no one else made one, but you just need a button and a popup (preferably set to "banner).


If you need a LOT of wires, then don’t be like me:

The file name is literally “shoulda_used_channels” because, well, LOOK AT THOSE WIRES!

Interactive Features

Interactive features are things on your map that you can, interact with! An example are those aforementioned case logs and internal monologue. Here is an example (and shut up, autocorrect):
Whoops, I forgot to set it to “banner”! But that’s not major, so, yeah.

“Achievement Unlocked!”


If you’ve read this in chronological order (like how you should be reading this), then you should’ve played One Way Out if you’ve followed my instructions. Anyways, Gimkit has lore. So, you should add some lore to your map. However, a problem is if you put a lore within a main lore, the secondary lore (the lore inside of the main one) tends to override the main one. If that’s fine with you, then skip the next part.

Lore Improvisation!

If you’re not fine with your lore overriding the main one, then you must improvise. I don’t know what yours looks like (if you even have one), but mine’s pretty long, so I’m just going to say that a ship is heading towards a planet, but the two sides begin to rebel against each other.

Alright, but which party is doing this, and where are they heading? To improvise, I made it so Echo was trying again with Tenebris. Much better. But then, there’s that one aspect that isn’t a part of the lore, the Spaceship Travelling Council, or STC. What am I going to do? Change it to the Echo government and I’m done fixing. Boom. Yours might take less effort and some might take more work, but it’s still possible.

My tips to make lore is to:

  • There are younger children on Gimkit, and some older folks still might not be comfortable with these things: violence, blood, gore, swearing, and… inappropriate content. So, please don’t put that there.

  • My recommendation is that lore should be communicated via case logs and other interactive documents. If you do dialogue, then it might not work because, well, PLAYERS! You could do it with a sentry, but they are on teams, and the other team (if applicable) could kil- I mean, knock you or others out, so that’s not a very good idea unless if you find a way to make 1 team be able to enter a room.

  • Interesting lore. If it doesn’t catch the audience’s eye, then you have no one to display your lore to.

  • Alright, I’m sorry for kind of copying the One Way Out lore (a big kind of because the only similarities is the relation to Echo and the journey to Tenebris), but if you can’t make an original lore, then you can get inspired by another gamemode!

…and my name is [redacted for privacy] and thanks for coming to by GKC Talk.

Thanks for reading! I hope that wan’t too long for you, especially the lore section.


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