Map Not Publishing Part 2

Bro, I didn’t close it. It closed automatically.

@THEHACKER120, are you in a different time zone?

It’s 2:54 pm in my place.

Is it all night time in your area?

getting off topic

uhh i think wolf (wolftechnology) made a guide on why this is happening gimme a sec to find it

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pwease mark a solution pwease thanks :slight_smile:


I’m just asking what their time is, so I know when to send messages.

still, offtopic

other ppl can see that yknow

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Pls edit the mod pings out @2256631761 email them so no need to get their attention to this topic, they’re already busy enough.

I just went to sleep :skull:

but I’m EST.

What’s wrong with me getting some good Ol’ sleep?

But if so, that’s strange. That should work. You sure you put the name of the game in the description and searched it up and see if it works? Have you seen performance or analytics to see if the game has plays?

If your just so, so, sure that you can’t find it after so much effort and work, email

I’ve already seen his guide, but I don’t know why it doesn’t show up in the Creative Discovery.

his as wolf tech?

well, if so, you should just email gimkti about it as multiple ppl alrdy said

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Have you tried to see if the game has any plays?

Have you done this yet?

Bro, @Txme_Lxss my time zone is also EST but it’s 5:35 pm how could you go to sleep?
Sorry, for getting off topic there.

2.Thumbnail/game/description/title is inappropriate
If your map has been unpublished by the mods check you email

I didn’t do any copyright and or anything that is inappropriate.

Did you email If you did just wait patiently for one of the mods to see the email.

what do you mean by the title

If you check 9 hours ago, since you made the message of “Where is…”

According to my calculations :nerd_face:

You made that post at 8:something, I was in school during that time, so I was busy.
(Also last night, It was like, 10:30ish pm)

Then like 3 other people suggested, please, just email

so many people suggested that, and if you can’t do it on a school computer, use a personal computer, and if you can’t go to your local library and use their computers if they have any, or use your moms phone or create a outlook or Hotmail account cause its easier then Google and email them then there.