Map isn't even searchable

A few days ago I posted how my map wasn’t available in New Releases, although it did show up there, which I knew because it had 35 plays, it now isn’t even searchable.
I’m positive I broke no rules in posting, but yet it isn’t searchable.
Map name is “Hollow’s Trials (Mild)”, what do I do??

Apparently, despite the fact I asked other people to search it up, and it never showed up for them, it showed up for a few people here, I guess it really does depend on keywords, which I find quite odd.

that is very common but from what I assume is probably happening with these is that only the author cant see their published maps whilst everyone else can if not idk then

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Hmm, that is weird. Look Up some keywords that you put in there. Not Phrases but words like Gsgs or something like that in the description. If it still does not show up. I don’t know what to tell you. Republish it I guess.

its happened to me too, but it can be because there just a few plays

Republished twice.

Extra words.

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to do extra words, just put random words in between these signs: <>

didn’t notice I actually put works instead of words thanks @DriftUknown_YT

just type <> with smth random in it for extra word

:nerd_face: Um, actual I think its positively “words” :nerd_face:


Well, I don’t know what to tell you. In my game, I landmark them meaning when people look up “GMZ” in the search bar people can access my games.

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so you can see it?


why must I be ignored sometimes ._.


We read you, we just don’t respond. :slight_smile:


yeah it only appears when i search mild

I can see my published map, so no. Unless it only sometimes happens

also, i cant seem to find my map myself, but my game got plays

well then idk what the problem with discovery is we gotta find out sooner or later… right?

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Maybe try logging out and back in? Or searching for it when you are logged out to see if it appears (which it should since other people have found it as seen above)