Map is being dumb (Tetris)

So as many of you know I’m working on Tetris, but is there a wire limit becuase my map is not prefoming correctly:
Problem 1: Overlays won’t always show when they should.

Problem 2: Believe me the Mountain piece should simply be turning like in the game but… It’s doing weird and random things

I’m not gonna say the rest of the problems because I’d have to make a guide on how they work, but could this be a problem?

Link to first guide for whoever may want it:


The books of Tetris 1: The beginning (Brainstorming, ideas, and tile checking) 3/10🟩

maybe try channels ??

I have to use wire repeaters for most things.

you should probably be using channels for a project like this

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triggers can also do delays

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yea thats also true!

I’ll try that thanks. I’ll report back when done, but it’ll take forever.

good luck with your game, hope it gets on CP

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Major wire difference so far:

yep I’m here if you need more help I don’t mind being pinged
memory saving will be important for a large project

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Ya, I got cared away. I’m a Wire type player.

it is easier another way is notifications work with block code
or a device you already have out can do it instead of extra triggers

I’m gonna try Triggers. My brain is not the best at Block Code. Thanks for the help though.