Map ideas please!

i need ideas im running out

Make a tower defense game, but the enemies are players seperated in a team.

Island Survial
Survive 100 days- aka 1 hour in a gimkit zombie survial
Battle Royal
Bussness Tycoon- try to make the most money in a certain time
Just some Ideas that I was thinking on making.

Make an RPG with many different quests.

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Look in ideas!

  • Chess
  • King of the Hill
  • Tag Domination with weapons
  • Step Counter
  • Gimkit in Gimkit
  • This or That with weapons

I think a sgame with lore and a story would be fun.

btw I am new to the forum but have been playing gimkit for almost 2 years.

Well, welcome to the forums!!!

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welcome to the forum @sir_lancelot

dogebread, you could do a prison escape.

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thank you for the welcome!

you could make a mario party game. (i mean with the mimi-games and stuff.) :]
also welcome to the forums! @sir_lancelot

yeah, prison escapes are also fun. I think one with lore and a lot of interactions would be cool.

An idea I’ve tried many times was a story game, I can’t seem to keep making mine because I don’t know what to add but maybe you can try this.

I am currently in the middle of making a story game.

Cool!! U gonna publish?

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Rn I have a story game based off of the game “it’s not me, it’s my basement” buuuuuut I worked myself a bit to hard with the art instead of the story itself

Yes, I am planning on it.

oooh thats a cool idea actually. : D

Also, how do you edit your profile pic in forums.