Making Skywars & Need Help

I’m working on a game where there are 4 players, and the 4 fight into battle.
the players can make a blaster, using 2 white seeds and 1 brown seed (like how you would make a iron sword in minecraft) while making a snowball launcher uses 2 cyan seeds, and 1 brown seed (like how you would make a diamond sword in minecraft) can you guys help me to brainstorm more ideas? i’ll be checking this when I have time, I use South-East Asian time. Goal of game: The goal is to find the seeds to make items to fight against your friends!

minecraft is only for guides

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What is the goal of the game? Please explain

the goal is to get brown, cyan, and white seeds to make weapons and fight with friends.

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Should I add another type of seed?

  • Ruby (Red Seed)
  • Emerald (Green Seed)
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Do you have monsters to fight?

no, not right now. (unless you count your friends :smiling_imp:)


adding soon in probably a few days later. (shield can and med kit)

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You could try different mechanics. Maybe try to make mobs?

i’m thinking hiring sentries now that you said that…

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For monsters you could use my grimoire:

eh… I don’t really wanna add monsters.

Ah. Okay.
I like making creatures though, what do you want the mobs (If you want any) to look like?

I don’t really want mobs, more like sentry guards.

Maybe you could try redstone?

I can’t really think of a reason for redstone. (plus I don’t want any copyright lol)

Yeah I guess. Just trying to give you some ideas.

I just got an idea that blew my mind like a nuke.
Ruby Sword (idk like evil eye) and Emerald Sword (Maybe Quantum Portal)

Now I’m going to close the gimkit forums because it’s near my bedtime. good night and please keep brainstorming for me forum friends!

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