Making Scores with Multiple Items

How to make team’s final score based off multiple items?

E.g. item 1 is worth 10 points, item 2 worth 20, item 3 worth 30, so if a team has 3 item 1, 2 item 2, and 1 item 3, they would have 30 + 40 + 30 = 100 points.

I tried using blocks like so:

Set property “Score”
to value “Score” + (# of item x 10)

x10 to increase value of one item over the other.
I also set the game to determine score in end based off of property “Score”
I also did a bunch of variations of the blocks shown, mostly by replacing score with variables and bunch of random other stuff.

But when I end up playing the addition is completely messed up. When the score should be 600, the end game screen displayed 164.

Try following blizzy’s guide How to make a simple fishing system AND Loot Tables [SIMPLIFIED, UPDATED, AND WITH PICTURES] 4/10.
Use the loot table selling system and modify it. Also welcome back!

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Ok I didn’t think about modifying that, it works great. Thanks!

I also appreciate the welcome too :slight_smile:

You’re welcome for the welcome! Creativity is what GKC is all about!

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