Making lasers that go off and on

How do I make lasers go off and on ohh and If it’s possible how do I make spinning lasers?
I think I know but I can’t say for sure

I… don’t think spinning lasers are possible… and… I… don’t know how to do the on and off part :laughing: I am not that smart…

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laser beam manager

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On and off lasers are quite easy, there’s many guides.

Spinning lasers? Nah i’d say gimpossible.


Just put a lasers in a circle and have a manager that turns them on after another


Hmmm Not really, If you used the simple mechanic of animation, just put a bunch of lasers in a circular pattern, then just use the manager, or animation.
(Edit: Harhar already said that, my bad.)


I mean, it wouldn’t be smooth but it works i guess

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It would be smooth if you had many of them, like a spinning wheel.

lucky COPYING is a thing. and with the on and off it will look like it spinning.

just one question are u planning to do this in gkc DLD or 4 ways?

Oh, also, you have to have them all rotated in the right way, and have timers aligned just right to turn on right after each other.

1. A signal or wire turns on the first laser, also sending a signal to a timer. 

2. After a set amount of time, a signal, which could also be via wire, the sent out that both resets the timer and activates the next laser and timer. the same timer an not be used for transmission purposes.

3. On the last laser/timer, a signal by channel or wire that, depending on what is activated or deactivated, will stop the circle or activate the first on, looping it.