Making flag captures worth points

I’m trying to make a new capture the flag game for me and one of my friends, and I have no Idea to make it so flag captures are worth points. So, do any of you know?

I also need map ideas, so if you have any ideas youd like to share please let me know. If I chose yours, I can put your name in credits.

Maybe divide the map to 4 teams?

Try looking at the gimkit documentation!

You could look it up with google mabye, or whatever your device uses. Also map idea: Make like a forest ecsape where you have to make it back to your cottage as a team, and whoever kills the most plants wins. This was based off of one way out

wouldnt that just make more teams?


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Try this guide! How to make scores in Capture the Flag 🟩

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You will need a flag capture zone, a flag (duh), a property, and some time to mess with scores in the map settings.

Try this How to make scores in Capture the Flag :green_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
<Like @NavyCatZ said!>

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