Making Auras for GKC Sol's RNG?

I’m planning on making Sol’s RNG in Gimkit. How would I simulate auras? Example:

Of course, it doesn’t need to be so flashy. I just wanna know if I could. I already know how to make the RNG system, I’m just asking about visual effects.

Might have to use
Improved Version of Tamian Coordinate System (SEE POST 15) a coordinate system…

why would I need a coordinate system? is it for having the visuals track you?


oof. literally. i’ve been dreading coordinate systems since i first heard about them. i might have to just settle with weapons :eyes:


You could just do a area with a checker.

And you could do a, “Flex Your Aura Here” place.

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I now have so many more questions :sob:
I figure these things out later.

Finally! I’m at the perfect number of solutions, just realized lol.

Ok then, goodluck!

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thanks for the luck, i’m definitely going to need it


bro really said “perfect number” lol

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Screenshot 2024-04-12 6.28.18 PM
darn ur right :skull:


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